Tips on Choosing New Staircase Parts

The staircase is a characteristic feature of most homes, so getting the right design is critical. A beautiful staircase can make a fantastic central to impress your guests, and also serve practical purposes.

But it looks like just part of the story – security is another important issue. Many old staircases do not meet modern standards, so replacing the stair railing you can help bring your home to zero. Here are some of the solutions that you will need to do:


Most households that are made from wood, but metal and glass are becoming more popular. Wood is probably still part of your family, at least as far as the footprint and supporting structure is concerned, but you can decide to combine the components of a wooden staircase with glass panels or a stainless steel spindle (also known as a ledge) for a more modern look .

Wood, a beautifully warm, versatile material that fits any parameter. It is ideal for a wide variety of designs, including a curved staircase, turned newels and various styles of handles. Wooden stairs of spindles, in particular, working in all forms of decorative forms – or the left plain for a minimalist look.

Where is the tree best? Pine, hemlock and sapel are worth paying attention if you are on a tight budget, especially if you are going to paint or paint on the stairs. On the other end of the scale, ash, walnut, southern yellow pine and oak stair parts offer premium performance and durability, but this comes with a price to match.

Metal baluster shaped like a wrought iron ladder is very popular today, with a wide selection of both traditional and modern designs on the market. Durable and decorative, they can easily be painted in accordance with the rest of the decor, if necessary. You can also get a chrome or matte nickel spindle ladder effect for an ultra-modern look.

The glass panel can look stunningly on the railing, and is ideal for dimly lit rooms, because they allow the light to move freely around the room. They can be combined with wooden or metal handrails and newels – and even tread glasses, for those who are interested in adding a touch of modern glamor.

Design clutch?

There are two main types of capture systems: post-to-post and more-post. The most powerful, most popular design and economical is the post post-to. In this system, which passes between the newels of the handrail and the Nuel posts, installed on the side with traditional mortise and thorn joints.

In over-the-pillar configurations, also known as continuous handrail systems, railroad tracks from the top of Newel’s posts, often ending in a decorative vortex called spiral. This design is more attractive and complex, but somewhat less reliable than post-to-post systems. However, it can look amazing and is seen as a sign of quality by home buyers.